Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

Hmmm... I'm not really having one coherent thought right now, but I told myself I needed to write more! So really I'm just going to list a lot of the random musings from the past few days, just to keep it up.
I really want to go vegan, but man alivey, it is expensive! And i can totally see myself forming a close/highly addictive relationship with Whole Foods since it is within walking distance from my apartment! For now, vegetarianism is going to have to suffice and I'll go vegan as much as I can.
I have this personality pattern where I'm super quiet when you first meet me -- bordering on aloof -- but then I just get downright wacky. The other girls in the writing department can certainly attest to this. Today, after someone said "hello," I broke out in song with Lionel Richie's 80s classic --you guessed it -- "Hello." And last week, one person said, "You know I asked her once, twice..." and do you know what I finished with? That's right. "Three times a lady...." And I was met with a blank stare. (Apparently it's weird to sing at work? Some of my coworkers with less-than-stellar voices could be clued in on this....) Maybe, subconsciously, I'm just obsessed with Lionel Richie. If I bust out "Dancing on the Ceiling," I'll know I have a problem. Or could it be that I have some form of Turret's. But instead of swearing or having random, loud outbursts, I have the uncontrollable urge break into song. Worth considering.
And that somehow brings me to my next thought. Wouldn't it be great if life were like a musical? Where it was perfectly acceptable to turn everyday conversations and interactions into song and dance numbers? I'm definitely not one of those people who walks around singing show tunes (In fact, if you decide that belting out your favorites from "Wicked" is an appropriate social activity, I may have to reconsider our friendship), but I would love to be able to just turn common phrases into catchy choruses every once in a while. "No, No, No, the Printer Is Broken," "Sorry, My Train Was Late Again (But Really I Just Didn't Get Up In Time)," and "Must Get Coffee" would surely be heard during every 20-something's day at least as often as the latest pop and hip-hop tracks.
On a serious (or at least slightly less flippant) note, today was absolutely beautiful. Very windy, but hello, I do live in Chicago. It was sunny all day and it even hit 70! Too bad i was wearing a heavy winter coat as I wandered around downtown after work. I don't know why, but it made me feel a little like a homeless person. (Really, don't ask me why, these things never turn out well.) Anyway, I wandered all the way down to Lake Shore Drive and just ended up sitting by Lake Michigan, looking out at nothing and everything. So beautiful. There's also just something so...maybe the word I'm looking for here is cleansing... yes, cleansing...about staring out across a massive body of water while waves crash against the wall at your feet and the wind whips your hair all over the place and doesn't really let you care. (OK, well let's be honest, my hair is beyond help anyway so I have a hard time caring as it is.) Ah, yes. Obviously, it's a literal breath of fresh air, but it's also a figurative one as well. It's that inhalation, that pause before going on with your life. It's the comma in the run-on sentence of your existence. (Hey that almost sounded really reflective and significant, didn't it? Too bad I had to go and drag grammar into it.) Anyway, I just think it's pretty amazing that I can stroll on down to one of the Great Lakes whenever I damn well please. And I need to keep reminding myself of that. There are certain things about my life that are pretty cool, actually.
OK, this is me being tired and running out of random thoughts... maybe I'll come up with more tomorrow. Maybe.

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