Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday! Birthday?

So, the big day (OK, I guess it's not that big, but still) is approaching. Or looming. I'm not sure which. Tomorrow is the day I turn 23. On one hand I'm kind of not sure what to expect. I mean, I feel like I should dread it or something. I mean, I realize that I am not going to wake up with wrinkles or stiff joints or worse vision (actually I'm hoping mine will get better with age since I'm already damn near blind). It's just...well... is this birthday going to be a letdown? Last year for my 22nd I was still in Ann Arbor. I was supposed to go out with friends, but it didn't happen, so I read a book and went to bed at 10PM. HUGE letdown. Not that I don't love lounging and reading and sleeping, but it was a disappointment because I was supposed to do something and it fell through. Plus, after 21, what do you have to look forward to at 22? It's just so sad for 22 that it has to follow 21. But life isn't fair I suppose.
Anyway, on the other hand with this crazy getting older thing, I'm kind of excited. This is my first birthday in Chicago, in the city I moved to all by myself. This birthday is really just symbolic of me growing up by moving here...right? Well, we won't analyze it too much. Also, I'm excited because I think I have real set plans and won't end up falling asleep with my Chicago Public Library book dropped on the floor and an unopened bottle of celebratory wine sitting the kitchen. (That made me sound like a pathetic alcoholic, but I'm really not! At least not at the moment... haha :-) ) Anyway, someway, somehow, I am GOING OUT. So there. I have a friend from school who is visiting home who will be here and I know that I'm meeting up with a friend from work, so I actually have something to do!! As dorky as this sounds, it's like, hey look, I have adult friends, not just sorority sisters that I like to drink with. Don't get me wrong, I do love that, and I'm not discounting that at all. This is different though. These are friends I've made here or kept in touch with from school, not just people I was living/taking classes/sharing bar space with. You know, people you choose to be friends with, not just the ones you're thrown in with for four years and are forced to tolerate. (Again, not discounting the great people I met and choose to tolerate still :-) )
OK, so where was I going with all of this? I can't even remember anymore, but I think I'm deciding to get pumped for 23, not worried or down. I'm going to do what I want tomorrow (OK, with the exception of work), and really celebrate getting one year older. I'm going to get in a good workout, maybe buy something pretty to wear out, read a little of my book, eat some chocolate, drink some wine (mmmm), and smile a whole lot. So yeah, here's to celebrating one year older. And I think -- for the first time -- one year wiser. I've never felt like that, for all that I said I experienced and learned, but this year, I really do feel like I've gained a little bit of sense. But only a little. ;-)

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